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In the Clear
Result 1 out of 2
With 10 year anniversary of the “Financial Crisis” now passed, how would you rate the effectiveness of the market reforms in achieving there primarily objective of financial stability: (4 - high ; 1 - low)
1. Tri-party repo reform
2. Bank capital adequacy rules
3. Money Market Reform
4. Swap market structure and counter-party risk
Result 2 out of 2
Of the following please rank in order of priority the goals that the Industry should consider to increase the efficiency of the wholesale funding and clearing markets (1 - Low priority to 4 - Highest priority)
1. More transparent markets for pre-trade price discovery
2. Improved collateral management processing
3. Expanded access to central clearing & netting facilities
4. More opportunities to cross-margin between cash, exchange and cleared OTC rates products